Constantly growing islands of plastic waste cross the oceans of our planet. They threaten our entire ecosystem, pollute our drinking water and water resources and cost the lives of many sea dwellers. The lifespan of plastic waste, however, is several centuries. Since the first PET bottle was produced just 80 years ago, plastic will be a major problem for many generations to come. We are addressing this problem.

Our R.I.T-shirts consist of 40 % recycled PET bottles. Per T-shirt, on average, 5 bottles find a new use by the incorporation into our fabric – rest in tees! The remaining 60% of the fabric consist of recycled organic cotton. Our manufacturer Continental Clothing has the highest quality standards, amongst others the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). Moreover, the breast pockets of our R.I.T-shirts are made of local fabric scraps that are no longer used in textile manufacturing companies. Therefore, R.I.T-shirts are 100% recycled – no new materials are needed to make them. The ecological footprint is thus reduced to a minimum.