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Our T-shirts are 100 % recycled, each made from 5 PET-bottles, recycled organic cotton scraps and one piece of an upcycled fabric remnant. Our manufacturer thereby has the highest quality standards, amongst others the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). Learn more about our manufacturer

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We believe that it is equally as important to act responsibly for our fellow human beings and therefore, we also put emphasis on a production with social values. All fabric remnants are collected and crafted to breast pockets, by the socio-economic enterprises of the charitable organisation Volkshilfe Wien. Learn more about the Project

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Since the breast pockets come from individual fabric remnants, their editions are limited. Be quick and pick your favourite fabric remnant to be crafted to a pocket on a T-shirt. Moreover, you can also get a special edition or a personal branding for your team or company. Contact us anytime →